About Murray’s Muscle Cars

Murray Oliphant

The value in classic muscle cars still represents a wonderful investment opportunity. Murray’s Muscle Cars tries to keep the car as original as possible with limited add-ons like vintage air conditioning and newer carburetors to assist in cranking and performance. Each car we restore is unique in its own way. Some require a full restoration, while others just need an upgrade or a few correct parts.

We begin with a full evaluation of the car and an eye toward originality. If needed, we strip the car completely. This way we are starting with a clean slate. We will replace any damaged areas on the body with real metal, shape the body, sand body areas, and prepare the body for the next steps. Then a primer coat is applied followed by more sanding, blocking, and then it is painted back to the original color.

The engine, transmission, and interior are all done with the same eye toward originality. We have gone as far as finding "period correct” engines, or engine blocks, and building them back to the correct specifications as the original factory engine. As for upgrades, many of these cars come with vintage heat and air conditioning, or have an upgraded transmission, electronic ignition, disk brakes for safety, and a more modern carburetor to ease in starting the car. We place modern radial tires on all of the cars. All of these upgrades enhance the drive ability of the car, but all are "bolt on” upgrades that can be removed to take the car back to its original state.

Muscle cars have always been a passion of mine. The cars of the 60’s and early 70’s were very special in terms of style and performance. They represent what I believe is the premier time period of the automotive era. Too many years ago to count, I began collecting and putting cars back to as close to original condition as possible. Finding scarce parts and correct parts is a challenge that I enjoy.

All of our cars come from private owners, never dealers. Many of the owners had the car for decades. They are "car lovers" who spoke about these cars to their children. Some of the previous owners continue to stay in touch with us and direct us to other cars we may want to purchase. - Murray Oliphant